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Hello World!

Dear all,

I hope these words find you in good health.

A few words on myself and the very first time I am writing a blog. It was about time. In this space trademark watching will be talked about a lot, and hopefully not only by me. Everyone is free to comment (as one is in the Internet, at least for now) as long as we maintain a professional level.

As the name suggests, one of my occupations is trademark watching. I’m a “Human-Watcher”. What this means is that every trademark application that passes in front of my eyes is analysed by me entirely. I then compared it to a trademark database, and make the decision to send it or not to one of our clients trademarks.

The control is entirely mine, and this control allows my type of trademark watching to pick up all the nuances, “tricks” and a myriad of connotations and spelling variations present in the languages in which trademark applications are published.

The current automated options available are still very far from the capabilities of an experienced “watcher”, and they will remain like this until we have the same technology as that of the universal translator used aboard the USS Enterprise.

The intention of this and many other posts is to rekindle the notion that human watching is still the best option available for your trademark watching needs. I am the first to admit that technology can go a long way in helping you to achieve the nirvana of trademark watching, but without a pair of eyes checking the mark in the journal your dollars spent on protecting your mark, are just being wasted.

I feel that more and more Trademark owners and Trademark representatives are trusting automated systems for their trademark watching needs. In this blog I will try to convince and show you that this is not a viable option, and what escapes the net cast by automated systems.

Until next time.


T. Watcher